How to Install

Installing the presets on your computer + phone

- Installation in Lightroom Classic -

This manual applies only if you have the subscription of the Lightroom Desktop version.

1. Download presets

Download the presets as a .zip folder from our order page. Unzip this folder on your desktop. 

2. Save presets

Move the presets to a specific folder that you defined as your presets folder. We would recommend to save all presets in the same place.


3. Open Lightroom

Enter the develop mode of Lightroom Classic. Click on the plus in the “Presets” tab and then “Import”.

4. Import presets

Select all presets in the previously defined location and press “Import”. If you have an older version of Lightroom Classic, our presets in .lrtemplate format are suitable. If you are using a newer version of Lightroom Classic (Lightroom 7 and newer), the .xml format is suitable.

- Installation in Lightroom Mobile -

This manual applies if want to Install Mobile Presets on your phone and use the free or paid version of Lightroom CC.

You have a question or need support?

We are here for you. No matter if you have a question concerning our presets or need support with your purchase. Just text us via [email protected]